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Update Your Fireplaces

Would you like to replace the current face mount glass door in your fireplace? Would you like to order a customized screen door for your fireplace? At West End Brick N’ Fire in Ontario, California, we have a vast inventory of products and accessories. If you are looking for a glass door with a polished brass or antique brass finish, we can help. We will have your fireplace looking its best, allowing it to become the central focus of the room. Try our waterfall collection, if you want to enhance a room in your home with the sound of running water. Call today so that we can discuss your needs.

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Buy Quality Chimney Accessories

Get Adaptor Kit For Metal Chimneys

Liner Kits for Masonry Chimneys 

Whether it is an adaptor kit for your metal chimney or a complete liner kit for your masonry chimney, West End Brick N’ Fire in Ontario, California has it all. You chimney may need to be relined to prevent corrosion or to endure higher temperatures. You can trust our products because they are of the highest quality, durable and cost effective. We also sell beautiful gas log sets to use in your fireplace, which are colorful and have convincing flame patterns. Call today to hear about what we have in our inventory of accessories.

Cascade Coil||||||||

Cascade Coil

Cascade Coil...Quality - Manufacturing you can trust - Cascade Coil Fire screen products are manufactured in the USA using high quality components. 100% custom manufacturing ensures a high quality product. Protect your home - Keep the fire inside your fireplace. The high quality mesh curtain helps prevent sparks from damaging your carpet or hearth.



Rutland Quality Products since 1883... From Fire starters to fireplace glass cleaner, Rutland has the fireplace accessory for your fireplace. There’s Soot Remover, Flame Crystals, silicone sealer, refractory cement, fire bricks, stove gasket and much much more; too many items to list! Call us for more information.


Stove Bright

Stove Bright High Temp Paints & Accessories... Retouch the paint on your tired old stove or fireplace with one of the many colors in the Stove Bright line. Also available thru STOVE BRIGHT are paints for gas pipe and gel fuels for the Gel Fireplaces.  And…touch up that BBQ with BBQ paint available from Rutland.



Skytech Valves & Remotes... Remote control systems are not an afterthought. They’re not a “value-added” option; they’re the obsession of the folks at Skytech! Whether you’re searching for the perfect valve or remote system for your hearth product- or just a real answer, with the folks at Skytech, you’ll never hear “I don’t know”. 



LC-adaptor Kit

LC-Adaptor Kit... An adaptor kit for Masonry to metal chimney. The unique design of the LC-Adaptor Kit allows for the transformation from an oval or rectangular flue to the round shape of Class-A metal packed chimney pipe. The lightweight Class-A packed pipe chimney system, when enclosed in a wood or metal “chase”, offers a weight savings of 245 lbs. per vertical foot over a full masonry chimney.




Zippo Lighters… Yes, those Zippo Lighters! Zippo has a terrific fireplace lighter (the model MPL) available to the hearth market. The Zippo MPL is ideal for lighting grills, candles, stoves, fireplaces, campfires, lanterns and much more. They can even be ordered with your favorite NFL Team licensed logo. Consumers are finding that Zippo MPL lighters to be the perfect utility lighter.

Natural Gas Fire Rings & Log Lighters

Natural Gas Fire Rings & Log Lighters... The natural gas fire ring is used when building a circular fire pit. Custom square or rectangular fire rings are available as well. Available in stainless or standard black, the Fire Rings take the guess work out of getting fire to your back yard fire pit. And the Log Lighter? It’s just that, a gas pipe extension hooked up to a gas line and run to your fireplace to help in lighting your firewood.


M-Flex by National Chimney 


M-Flex Basic Liner Kits are specialized for fireplace insert applications where a tee and tee end cap are not necessary.  This kit has been outfitted with with our stove adapter, designed by those in the trade. M-Flex Basic Liner Kits are manufactured of 316 .006" stainless Steel, have a life time, transferable warranty, and are all-fuel, UL1777 listed. Call us for more information.

Napoleon Gas Logs


Napoleon's Fiberglow gas log sets create the ambiance your home deserves with our exclusive Phazer® log sets and Phazeramic burner that are so realistic they look like a natural wood burning fire. Our advanced burner technology creates infrared heat from the ember bed that radiates warmth directly back into the room. add relaxation, comfort, and warmth to your home with the simplicity of a superior gas log set.




Paint and Mortars

  • Stove-Brite

  • Black-Out

  • Rutland Products

Replacement Refractories

  • MC Refractory


  • Zippo
  • Finishing Touch Fire Glass
  • Tresanti Wine Cabinets

Paint Your Barbecue Grills

Change Your Hearth Valves

If you want to paint your barbecue grills or stove pipes, we sell affordable barbecue grill paints in a wide range of colors. We also carry fireplace glass cleaners and hearth valves for your fireplace. You can also shop for soot removers and silicone sealers. Call us to learn more.