Simpson Dura-Vent
Designed and tooled to perfection for the chimney professional, the DuraTech Chimney System sets a new standard in quality, design, and performance.
  • Dura-Vent
  • DuraTech
  • All Fuel Chimney
  • GS Gas Pipe
  • For Direct Vent Applications

Black stove pipe and pellet vent also available.
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Security Chimney
For over 30 years, Security Chimneys has been an innovator in the venting field and a market leader in North America. Instrumental in the company's growth has been the introduction of new products and improvements to existing lines. This unrelenting quest for excellence has now given rise to the Cl insulated chimney, a high-quality product designed to deliver optimal performance. This new chimney system ensures outstanding venting while minimizing condensation.
  • Hi Temp CI Pipe available to 24" Diameter.
  • Their ASHT Hi-Temp great for stove installations.
  • Try their new "Secure Vent" for direct vent applications.
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Selkirk, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and merchandiser of competitive and versatile residential and commercial venting and air distribution products, servicing your immediate needs.

Metalbestos All Fuel Chimney System combines solid packed insulation with a stainless steel inner liner and the option of either a stainless steel or galvanized outer liner as our simple twist lock coupler and locking band ensures quick positive chimney assembly. A variety of pipe lengths and accessories also help make tough installations easy. Available in 5", 6", 7", 8", 10", 12", and 14" diameters. Metalbestos Model DS Double Wall Smoke Pipe makes connecting your appliance to Metalbestos SSII Chimney easy and allows reduced smoke pipe clearance to combustibles.
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Chimney or pipe for most any application.
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Metal-Fab Temp Guard Chimney, Black Stove Pipe & Flexible Liner
Be it High Temp Chimney, black stove pipe or the new flexible liner,
METAL-FAB has the pipe you’re looking for. With its lightweight construction and easy “twist-on” application, Temp Guard High Temperature chimney is the #1 choice for builders and homeowners alike. Their double wall and single wall black stove pipe makes installation as easy as one-two-three! And Metal-Fab just came out with their new “Flexible Liner” for easy insert or relining in your masonry fireplace.
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