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Face mount glass doors||||

Easy Chimney Installations

Whether it is a double wall black stove pipe or single wall black stove...

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Update Your Fireplaces 

Would you like to replace the current face mount glass door in your fireplace? Would you like to order a customized screen door for your fireplace? At West End Brick N’ Fire in Ontario, California, we have a vast inventory of products and accessories. If you are looking for a glass door with a polished brass or antique brass finish, we can help. We will have your fireplace looking its best, allowing it to become the central focus of the room. Try our waterfall collection, if you want to enhance a room in your home with the sound of running water. Call today so that we can discuss your needs.

Hearth Craft||||

Hearth Craft


If you need an adjustable face mount glass door or a custom inside fit, Hearthcraft has the door you’re looking for. Polish Brass, Antique Brass, Brass & Black or just plain Black, Hearthcraft can fit the bill and turn your fireplace into the focal point of your room.

Portland Willamette||||

Portland Willamette


Portland Willamette Glass Doors & accessories. The most recognizable name in the hearth industry, Portland Willamette has many styles of custom glass doors for your fireplace.




Cut to Fit Refractory

Can't find replacement brick for your outdated fireplace? Call or e-mail West End Brick 'N Fire and we'll show you how you can use these amazing new cut to fit brick panels and make that old fireplace look like new again.




The Napolean Waterfall Collection

Accentuate your home or business with the sights and sounds of soothing, running water. Intrigue your family, friends and visitors with your own one-of-a-kind water art. With their distinctive styling, our wall mounted or freestanding, these waterfalls add visual drama to any room creating a focal point that adds grace luxury and interest.

We Sell:

  • Face Mount Glass Doors
  • Fireplace Bricks

  • Replacement Bricks
  • Waterfall Collection

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Shop For Replacement Bricks 

If you unable to find fireplace bricks to update your fireplace, we carry quality replacement bricks in our inventory!  In addition, with our waterfall collection, your visitors will be impressed with the visual drama effect. Call to learn more about other products that we carry.